fried yucca balls, bacon jam, thai sweet chili

Japanese spring roll


Steamed or Fried

sautéed garlic butter

garlic, tamarind sauce

tempura fried, sweet chili

garlic chips, kabayaki sauce, spicy ponzu

4oz premium wagyu beef seared at the table on an…

Tuna/scallion/pineapple/macadamia/R.Pepper flakes/sesame/garlic lemon sauce

Thin slices of yellowtail/fresh jalapeno/sweet wasabi lime sauce/wasabi oil

Salmon/garlic soy balsamic sauce/light touch of olive oil/red caviar

Thin slices of escolar/avocado/cilantro/wakame/spicy ponzu/garlic oil

Cubed tuna/crispy rice/masago/scallion/spicy eel sauce/red ginger

Spicy tuna/crispy fried lotus root/strawberry vinegar sauce/black caviar